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UMT student dies of heatstroke, university calls day off in solidarity

(Last Updated On: 14/06/2016)

Following the government’s instruction of summer vacations, all the government and private educational institutes have remained closed from 24th May, but shockingly, one of the Punjab’s most famous university, situated in Lahore is still open and is conducting exams.

Therefore due to negligence of university management and poor surveillance of government and untoward incident has taken place in university on Monday. The BBIS student Moin Manzoor fell outside library due to heatstroke while he was on Fast, according to the fellows after not getting rescue on time he succumbed to death. The incident left shock waves around the fellow students, and later they voiced against the university’s move of conducting exams during holy month of Ramadan in such high temperature.

UMT students mocked the university management on social media and also asked authorities to take severe action against the university.

Following this, university announced day off today in solidarity to the deceased student of the university, although yet now it isn’t sure whether university will adjourn the examination and would announce vacations or they will be continuing the exams.

The incident opens up about the governments efficiency as they are not even able to ask the institutions to obey their announcement regarding Summer vacations.

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