Video: Qandeel Baloch crying at PTI rally after she wasn’t allowed to meet Imran Khan

The notorious social media entertainer Qandeel Baloch is nowadays trying to grab the limelight with showing her love to PTI chairman Imran Khan. After making several videos in support of Imran Khan, she tried to take all this to another level. The Karachi-based model came to Lahore to be part of PTI rally yesterday, while talking with media she told that she’ll be proposing Imran Khan and will be trying her all the very best to be on the stage.

But the videos coming from last night rally tells that something opposite happened with this social media star. One of the video suggests that she wasn’t even allowed to join the PTI rally as she wasn’t having pass, the other one tells that Baloch was eager to join Imran khan on stage, bjt she wasn’t allowed, following this she bursts into tears and also bashed the media over asking questions about all this.

With her previous set repute, the sole meaning of all such antics were to be in the news, and as usual she have also done it this time. Many of the leading TV channels spoke with her before the rally, and she was all set to surprise the attendees.

Video: Qandeel Baloch crying as she wasn’t allowed to enter PTI Jalsa


Video: Qandeel Baloch burst into tears after she wasn’t allowed to join Imran Khan on stage



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