Warid Balance Share: How to Warid Balance Share Ka Tarika


Warid has made it simple to share mobile balance from one Warid number to another Warid umber. It named the service as Warid Balance Transfer, means stay in touch with your beloved ones all the time. Now you can share your values with your beloved ones as well. No need to worry about whom you love more as they are running out of balance because you can share your Warid balance with these anytime.


Be it your sister or brother or any friends in need, you can impress someone with Warid Balance Transfer that is about sharing mobile balance with someone. Before taking our discussion to the next level, it is important to mention here is that this service is for the prepaid customers only. Only balance from one prepaid number to another prepaid number can be shared.

How to Share Balance?

Here is the way to share balance and help your beloved ones

Send B<space>number<space>amount to 2424

For example, if you want to share Rs.40 with a prepaid number 03211234567 then type as B 032XXXXXXXX 40 send and press 1 to confirm the transaction.

Terms and Conditions:

The minimum amount of share is Rs. 15 and maximum are Rs. 200.


Balance will remain valid for the same time that was at the recharge of mobile balance by the sender

Per transaction charges are Rs. 3.99 + tax.

SMS to 2424 will be charged Rs.0.05+tax

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