Why Xiaomi Smartphones Banned in Pakistan?

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 04/08/2016)

It was doing well until the alleged of stealing user’s data and transferring the same to servers located in China. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has ordered the Pakistan-based dealer of Xiaomi not to sell Xiaomi smartphones in the country. has removed the information about Xiaomi smartphones in the country after getting an order from PTA. It, however, dealing in other accessories as per routine.

Here is an open letter by Xiaomi for its fans:

“The Pakistani Concerned Authority (PTA) has demanded that has to stop the sale/marketing of all Mi mobile devices.”

Well, it is not clear why the Chinese-based smartphone got ban notification in the country. Some IT experts alleged that Xiaomi is stealing user’s data and forwarding it to servers in located in China. Experts also welcomed the decision of PTA as Indian authorities have also banned Xiaomi for the same reasons. Talking to the media, PTA spokesman Khurram Mehran has said, “They are not following the country’s rules and regulations.” “All phone sets have to be type-approved by the PTA and Xiaomi has not received type-approval yet,” he added.

Response by Xiaomi over this suspension

“We have great respect for the authorities at the PTA, and we believe their intentions are good. But it is quite surprising that Pakistani customer’s right has been denied without any reason. If they have any legitimate concern we are ready to address it but so far we haven’t got any rational reason.”

Announcement by Xiaomi

“Unfortunately, we are halting sales of Mi smartphones until this get settled in the mean time we will try our best to get smartphones in your hands as soon as possible, We will continue to provide you Mi accessories with best rates and services.”

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