Best Dongles For the Internet


Dongles that is also called as internet dongle is a type of USB based internet that you can plug into any laptop or PC and enjoy the fast speeding internet. It also allows its users to share the internet with others making it as a Wi-Fi router. But this service is not being provided by the all internet service providers.


The main advantages of dongles are that it gives the users greater flexibility on the principle of plug and play. Moreover, it runs on the battery of PC or laptop and doesn’t require extra electricity in case it is connected with PC or laptop. If you use USB adapter, then it will consume electricity. Most of the dongles available in Pakistan are 3G, and 4G enables that means the perfect alternative to the broadband and DSL internet.

EVO Prepaid

  • EVO Wingle 9.3 Mbps
  • EVO Nitro Cloud 9.3 Mbps
  • CharJi EVO
PackagesMonthly ChargesMonthly Charges Inclusive of 14% WHTVolume
EVO DayPass 3GBRs.300/2daysRs. 3423GB*
EVO GO 5GBRs.1,000Rs. 1,1405 GB
EVO LITE 20GBRs.1,200Rs. 1,36820 GB
EVO MaxRs.2,100Rs. 2,394Unlimited**
EVO 256KbpsRs.1,300Rs. 1,482Unlimited**

EVO Postpaid

ProductEVO PackageMonthly ChargesMonthly Charges Inclusive of 14% WHTDownload Limit
EVO 3.1Mbps USB




EVO 3.1Mbps BasicRs. 2,100Rs. 2,39430GB
EVO 3.1Mbps 20GBRs.1,199Rs. 1,36820GB
EVO 256KbpsRs.1,199Rs. 1,368Unlimited
EVO Wi-Fi Cloud BasicRs. 2,100Rs. 2,39430GB
3G EVO Wi-Fi CloudEVO Wi-Fi Cloud 20GBRs.1,199Rs. 1,36820GB
3G EVO Nitro CloudNitro Cloud BasicRs.3,000Rs. 3,42030GB
Nitro Cloud 20GBRs.1,499Rs. 1,71020GB
3G EVO WingleEVO Wingle BasicRs.2,500Rs. 2,85030GB
EVO Wingle 20GBRs.1,499Rs. 1,71020GB

Zong 4G Wingle

Zong 4G Bolt (Huawei)Rs. 2,000

Mobilink 3G Wingle

Mobilink 3G Wingle portable mobile internet USB device provides 2.5MBs speed, WiFi sharing with 5 users, Power-bank support & nationwide roaming.

Rs. 2450

Telenor 4G Wingle

Get the ultimate internet experiences satisfying all your data needs with Telenor’s fastest growing 4G 850 MHz network. Its price is Rs. 2,000.

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