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Best proxies to open banned websites in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 24/04/2017)

Hundreds of sites are not accessible for viewership in Pakistan that is because government has blocked them. The reasons behind blocking them can be vary. But in general that are blocked as they may contain controversial, blasphemous, or sexually explicit content in it.

There are different ways netizens break into get to their desirable sites. Some of the popular methods of getting access to such websites is changing the DNS, using proxy or using different softwares.

The proxy using is one of the most famous processes to get access to the banned sites and that too with ease. Using proxies doesn’t require downloading of the proxy or other such technical stuff.

One wanted to use the proxy has just to put in the link of the banned website there and he will get the access to that particular site straightway.

It will be pertinent to mention here that proxy works as intermediator between the user and the blocked or the banned site in the particular area.

While using the proxy, you need to go with the proxy which supports your particular area or region.

 Best proxies to open banned websites in Pakistan

  1. 12345proxy.pk
  2. hiload.org
  3. speedyproxy.co.uk
  4. goproxing.com
  5. unblockyoutube.org
  6. proxfree.com
  7. vidproxy.com
  8. sslunblocker.com

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