Coke Studio Season 10 National Anthem of Pakistan: Video and MP3

You know what makes Pakistan National Anthem best above all. It is its mystical lyrics, musical composition, and performance of lyrics. That’s why it is always sung best by every singer either it is any international singer or national singer. Either it will be sung by the GEO News or Coke Studio, it will always emerge as the better than before.

Coke Studio Season 10 has made the solid come back with the launch of National Anthem of Pakistan for the year 2017. It is stunning and amazing. Anthem is opened by the leading folk singer Attaullah Khan Esakhalyvi and then led by the other singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Zafar, Salman Ahmed, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Aima Baig, Umair Jaswal, QB and few others. The cast also represents the most of the singers of the upcoming singers of Coke Studio Season 10 as well.

Coke Studio Season 10 National Anthem of Pakistan Video

YouTube video

Coke Studio Season 10 National Anthem of Pakistan MP3/Audio

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