Daraz Smartphone Sales 2017: Discount up to 40%

Daraz.pk Smartphone Sales 2017 offers have kicked off. Daraz Smartphone Sales 2017 includes sales, deals and offers on popular smartphone models and much more. Among the notable Daraz offers of the smartphones included deals on Samsung Note Smartphones, ZUK, Huawei, and Q Mobile. The offers includes discount from 10% to 40% on most of the smartphones.

Just check out the offers:

ZUK Z1 whose original price is Rs. 27,000 can be bought for Rs. 20,999.

Honor 5X whose original price is Rs. 25,000 can be bought for Rs. 22,070.

Galaxy J7 Prime whose original price is Rs. 38,000 can be bought for Rs. 31,499.

Mate 9 whose original price is Rs. 70,000 can be bought for Rs. 66,950.

And the discounts are on many other smartphones and accessories as well. Apart from smartphones mentioned above, there are deals on the smartphones of several other mobile companies as well. Some models of iPhone are also on the discount shelves. The willing smartphone buyers can anytime move to the website of Daraz to get the desired deal. Currently, Daraz has not announced any limitation on this sale.

Comparatively, Daraz is offering more discount on Samsung smartphones as it has the highest demand in the country. Although QMobile, Huawei, and others are also on the discount list but they have not got too much recognition from Daraz. Still, this sale is the best option for those smartphone users who are planning to buy their favorite smartphone but at the reasonable prices that must be below the market prices.

How to Buy Smartphone?

Simply more to this link and select the desired smartphone. After that create an account and select the payment method. The smartphone will be delivered to you according to the delivery policy of the Daraz.

Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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