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Govt. Announced 23 March Pakistan Day as Public Holiday

(Last Updated On: 20/03/2017)

The Federal Government through its official gazetted holidays via Federal Ministry of Interior has announced 23rd March Pakistan Day as national holiday.

The day will be celebrated in remembrance of the leaders of Muslim League who gathered up in Minar e Pakistan and passed a resolution called Lahore Resolution and later on given then name of Pakistan Resolution. The resolution aimed to get freedom from the British Empire for the Muslims of the sub-continent. Every year, the day is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

The day will be start with thirty one gun salute in Islamabad and twenty one gun salutes in provinces capital. The important event of the day will be military parade that will be held in Parade Ground, Islamabad. Both president and prime minister will participate in the event. Couple of days before, DG ISPR has twitted that for the first time troops and military bands of Chinese, Saudi and Turkish Army will participate in the event.

The preparations for the day are at full swing and there will be full dress rehearsal on 22nd March to finalize the preparation.

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