How to Check DHA Cinema Lahore Movie Schedule

The cinema history of Pakistan is very long that dates back to the era of Ayub Khan when the TV and movie culture in the country started to grow. In the start of the twenty-first century there were perceptions that the decreasing production of Pakistani movies will put an adverse impact on the cinema industry, however, the release of international movies specially the Bollywood movies opened the door of opportunities for the local investors. Now there are 3D and multiplex cinemas in the metropolitans of the country.

Among a few 3D and multiplex cinemas and theaters in Pakistan, DHA Cinema Lahore is listed one of the most popular 3D movie theaters in Pakistan. Located in Lahore, Pakistan, it is the only 3D and multiplex cinema in the city. The best about this movie cinema is that just like the 3D and multiplex cinemas of the rest of large cities of the country, it also comes with latest releases. Right from the website of DHA Cinema Lahore, the users can get each and every information about the movies currently playing on its screens.

Here are the ways for finding the movie schedules of the DHA Cinema Lahore.


SMS DHA to 6622 and you will get the latest movie listings along with their times. Per SMS charges are Rs. 5 per + Tax.

Via its Official Website

The information about movie schedules at CineStar can be access from its official website from here as well http://www.dhacinema.com.

Via Official Facebook Page

The information about movie schedules at CineStar can be access from its official Facebook page from here as well https://www.facebook.com/DHA-Cinema-249286981777452/.

Via Phone Numbers

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