How to Lower Ping in PTCL DSL for Online Games ?


Reducing online gaming latency is the common problem of every gamer who is playing games online in sharing environment. Online gaming latency that is also known as ping basically reduces lag by making improvements in internet connection. It refers to how much time it takes for a real-life action like pressing a button or moving the mouse to register in the game server the player is using at the time.


Facing issues in Pings in games in PTCL Gaming Lounge like DOTA 2, Call of Duty, Dark Souls 3, The Technomancer, TotalWar, League of Legends, Overwatch, Metal Gear Solid V and few others. It basically happens because these games require high graphics as well as low pings too.

How to Reduce Ping in PTCL DSL?

Below is the method for reducing Ping in PTCL DSL.

Step 1: Run CMD pressing Window Key + R and type “ipconfig” and check default gateway.

Step 2: Open your Web Browser and Type the Default Gateway in the Address Bar

Step 3: Now enter the username and password that is admin for both or see for admin and password at the back of the router.

Step 4: Click on Advanced Setup


Step 5: Click on DSL or XDSL

Step 6: Now uncheck all these:

  • ADSL2 Enabled
  • Annexl Enabled
  • ADSL2+ Enabled
  • AnnexM Enabled

Step 7: Click on Apply or Save in the end and router will Restart to make changes.

It’s time to enjoy low pings.

Reducing Ping for PTCL Video

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    just made my internet slower , dont post stupid posts

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    good job! work for me….

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    You, shitty accountant, go to your clerk department.

  • Shayan Zahid on 30/11/2018

    it really does work! I get a lot lower ping, and im used to these settings now. +Rep

  • Shaeel Iqbal on 01/08/2018

    Works Like Shit!


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