How To Open Blocked Sites In Pakistan Using Chrome


Although YouTube got a green signal by Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority three years ago still many websites are blocked in Pakistan. We will like to make it clear that we are not talking about adult and pornography sites only. There are hundreds of social, entertainments, music, movies, and foreign news channels sites that are blocked by PTA as per the direction of Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Information and Technology.


There are multiple ways to open all type of blocked websites in Pakistan. First of all, there was proxy software then comes the proxy server and online proxy websites that have made it easy for the internet users to get an easy and free access to all type of blocked sites and blocked content.

In this article, we will mention the simplest ways of opening the blocked websites in Pakistan without even going for installing any third party software at all. Our method for accessing blocked websites also doesn’t contain proxy websites as well. Here you will come to know about how to open blocked websites in Pakistan using Google Chrome web browser.

There are two methods for unblocking blocked websites:


Method 1: Unblocking a website from the restricted sites list

Method 2: Unblocking a site from the host’s file

Method 1:

Unblocking a website from the restricted sites list

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and follow this path: Chrome Menu Button > Choose Settings and open Settings Page

Step 2: Click Advanced Settings > Network Selection > Change Proxy Settings

Step 3: Click on Security Tab > Select Restricted Sites > Click the Sites button to open the Restricted Sites dialog box.

Step 4: Select the blocked website from the sites list and click on Remove button. Now close the Restricted Site dialog box and click Ok. Now Restart the browser.

Method 2:

Unblocking a site from the hosts file

Step 1: Move to the drive where you have installed your Windows. Here is the path: Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Step 2: Click on the Hosts File and open it with Notepad.

Step 3: Located the links or URL of the blocked sites in the Hosts file and select the all URLS and press Delete button.

Step 4: Now save the changes by pressing Ctrl + S and restart the Google Chrome to make the changes.

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