How to Retrieve Ufone Call History for Prepaid


Now the users of Ufone can get full access to all those services and functions that they access right from their phone. Ufone has launched an online service named Ufone Self Care for checking call history, SMS details, remaining balance, remaining services in subscribed buckets and much more. This service of Ufone can be used for both multiple and individual SIMs.


According to Ufone, it aims to provide following services via its Self-Care Service

  • Verify your identity
  • Assist you to subscribe to Ufone’s services
  • Provide the services you require
  • Administer and manage those services, including charging, billing and collecting debts
  • Inform you of ways the services provided to you could be improved
  • Conduct appropriate checks for credit-worthiness
  • Gain an understanding of your information and communication needs for Ufone to provide you with a better service

In this article, we will tell you about the detailed procedure of how to retrieving the call history for prepaid numbers.

To avail the call history checking offer, the Ufone subscribers first need to create a free account. Here is the procedure for creating a free account.


Move to this link and create an account by providing information according to the following image.

After creating an account, log in to your account and move to the desired service.

You will be given all available services to you. All you need to create the relevant service and carry on the action that you want.

In case you want to check the call history then simply click on the Call History in the Package Services option.

Now provide the date range of which call history you want to get.

In the same manner, you can use other options as well. In case you have subscribed for any special package or bundle then you can get the information of remaining minutes, SMS and internet data as well.

Here are the services being offered by the Ufone

Package Services

  • FnF Numbers
  • VAS Details
  • PIN/PUCK Details
  • Address Change
  • Blocking
  • Restoration
  • Access Level Change
  • Credit Limit Change
  • Package Conversion
  • SIM Change Request
  • Prepaid to Postpaid
  • Call History
  • Tariff Details

Billing Services

  • Billing & Credit Details
  • Transaction Details
  • Duplicate Bill
  • Dill Delivery Details
  • Postpaid Bill Payment
  • Billing Method
  • Tax Certificate
  • Pay Bill via Credit or Debit Card
  • Self-Care Balance

Bundle Services

  • SMS Bundles
  • Data Bundles
  • Voice Bundles
  • Offers

Complaint Services

  • Complaints History
  • Network Complaint
  • Payment Complaint
  • Billing Complaint
  • Service Complaint
  • Bill Delivery Complaint
  • Obnoxious Caller
  • Staff Complaint
  • Promotional SMS
  • Feedback
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