How To Verify Facebook Friend Request Not Accepted

(Last Updated On: 18/10/2017)

Facebook is without any doubt is the largest social media platform over the internet that attracts millions of regular visitors on a daily basis. People come here, create an account, make friends, share their thoughts and enjoy. It has opened the door of communication. In fact, it took globalization to the next level. Because of it, the world of today becomes a global village where a person sitting in one corner of the world can connect with other sitting another corner.

Most of the time we send a friend request to someone, but we are not sure whether that person has responded to our friend request or not.

Checking Friend Request Status from Person Profile

One simple way is to move to the profile of the person to whom you have made a request. Check if there is Check Sign with Friend tab over his cover photo. If it is then that person has accepted your friend request. And if not that means your friend request is still pending.

Another Way to Check Friend Request Status From Your Profile Section

Another simple way to check the Pending Friend Request status is from your profile.

Step 1: Open your profile and move to Friends tab

Step 2: Click on +Find Friend in the Friend section

Step 3: The list of all friends will appear. But do not scroll down. At the top of the page, you can see the status of No New Friend Requests with tagline View Sent Requests. Click on it

Step 4: Now the list of all those to whom you have sent friend request will appear. If any of request is showing Friend Request Status, then that means the person has not responded to your request yet.

Now it is up to you whether you wait for the response of your request or cancel the request.

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