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Iqrar ul Hassan Died in Rohingya Burma?

Rohingya crises are getting new momentum day by day. The roles of world leaders, NGOs, and welfare organizations have been exposed off. Some are openly holding responsible the government of Myanmar Burma while many are pointing fingers towards Rohingyas Muslims claiming they started all this.

For the assistance of Rohingyas Muslims, three leading Pakistani journalists are in Burma. Dr. Amir Liaqat, Waqar Zakka, and Iqrar ul Hassan are already in Burma to cover the issues of Rohingyas Muslims. According to sources, the overall situation is getting worst in the area where Iqrar ul Hassan is present at the moment. Some sources have also claimed the death of Iqrar ul Hassan as well.

False news of Iqran ul Hassan death is also circulating over the social media. However, the ARY News Chanel and the family member of Iqran ul Hassan has now confirmed this news at all. Another post on the social media platform in which Iqrar ul Hassan is saying it is the most difficult duty of my life is also circulating. Her fans and beloved ones are looking for his safety and expressing their blessings for him as well.

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