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Khabardar vs. Hasb e Haal vs. Mazaaq Raat Rating

There is no doubt that Pakistani comedy has no comparison in Asia and in all those countries where Urdu or Hindi is spoken or understand. In the 21st century, Pakistani showbiz industry comes with innovations in which comedy shows and comedy talk shows are leading over the rest. In the recent comedy TV shows, Aftab Iqbal is said to be the pioneer who started the journey with Hasb e Haal, the moved to the Khabarnak and now doing Khabardar.

The comedy shows at one point gives the Pakistani audience a new entertainment media and at the other end makes the theater and stage dramas artists able to earn a handsome amount. Due to these shows, these artists are now performing at an international level as well.

Currently, the following comedy TV shows are being played on miscellaneous Pakistani TV channels.

  • Khabardar
  • Hasb e Haal
  • Khabarnak
  • Mazaaq Raat
  • Sawa Teen
  • CiA
  • 4 Man Show
  • The Sharif Show

In the above-mentioned comedy shows, Mazaaq Raat, Khabardar and Hasb e Haal are leading over the rests. During the recent years, Mazaaq Raat has gained more popularity as compared to the other two because of the involvement of the renowned artists and public figures in the show. If talk about the Khabardar then it is also doing well but less as compared to the Mazaaq Raat (in recent time, overall performance is best) but many a time higher than Hasb e Haal. After the resignation of Aftab Iqbal, Hasb e Haal managed to perform well, but since the resignation of Najia Baig, the rating of the program has been decreased considerably. The new participants in the show have not made a significant contribution so far. Meanwhile, since the Agha Majid left the Khabardar, its rating drops to much extent.

Here is the current rating of all these upon viewership at YouTube and social media platforms.

Khabardar = 70,000/first day/fresh episode – Number of Subscribers 103,000

Mazaaq Raat = 50,000 – 65,000/first day/fresh episode – Number of Subscribers 110,000

Hasb e Haal = 20,000 to 35,000/first day/fresh episode – Number of Subscribers 35,000

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