Lahore Double Decker Bus Service Started Route for Wagah Border

(Last Updated On: 09/12/2017)

The last year started Double Decker Bus Service in Lahore has got a new route to Wagah Border. Pakistan’s f1st Sightseeing Bus Project has got a new route to Wagah Border, and now Lahoris can enjoy their ride to Wagah Border in addition to exploring other historical places.

According to a recent update by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP), the double-decker buses are scheduled to hit the route to Wagah Border as well.


Lahore Double Decker Bus Routes

  • Main Boulevard
  • Jail Road
  • Ring Road
  • Lahore Canal
  • GT Road and then Wagah Border

The above routes are selected with the objective of covering all historical places of Lahore. According to an official spokesperson of TDCP, these buses have been imported from the friend country China at the total cost of $188,000. Moreover, three more double-decker buses will join the fleet in two in upcoming days.

Seating capacity of each bus is 56; eighteen (18) persons on the lower deck and 48 persons in the upper deck. These buses will use the route of metro buses. The stop between two terminals will be in historical places only.


Features of Sightseeing Lahore:

  • Seating Capacity (60)
  • Top 36 landmark of Lahore on bus route
  • Live commentary by experts
  • Proper safety & real-time surveillance
  • Free Wi-Fi and display of Lahore’s landmark on LEDs
  • Air condition at lower deck
  • Subsidized guided tours
  • Entertaining walled city tours on Tonga & Rickshaw

The project Sightseeing Lahore was approved by Punjab Chief Minister Shahabad Sharif. The project is being supervised by the Provincial Tourism Minister Rana Mashood Ahmed. The objective of the project is to highlight the rich culture and fabulous history of Lahore. Prime landmark of Mughal, Sikh and Colonial-era will be highlighted.

The logo of the Sightseeing Lahore has been branded on the proud slogan of “Lahore Lahore Aye” لہور لہور ﺍﮰ


Lahore-Sightseing-Bus-2 Lahore-Sightseing-Bus



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