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Mathira New Item Song Mahiya from Pakistani Movie Tum Hi Ho

(Last Updated On: 27/03/2017)

In Pakistani showbiz, few names are known for their boldness and daring acting. In such limited names, one name we are aware is Mathira who is best known for doing bold scenes on both TV shows and now in movies.

Inthe recently launched song of upcoming Pakistani movie Tum Hi Ho, actress Mathira can be seen doing bold and some vulgar scenes with duo Danish Taimoor. People have no concern with the same personality of Mathira at all, but they are showing reservations about the role of Danish Taimoor. Danish Taimoor is no doubt a fine actor and his fans are not ready to expect the role he is performing in an item number with Mathira.

Well, the overall responses about the upcoming Pakistani movie Tum Hi Ho are not good, and now the addition of Mathira item number has even worsened the situation as people are directly criticizing it for being too vulgar and just trying to earn some promotion and marketing by these cheap tactics. There is no creativity in Pakistani cinema. Rather than focusing on quality and real work, Pakistani artists are keeping their selves busy with all this bullshits.

Rather than defining new ways, they want to follow the paths set by Indian B-Grade movies. Most of the Pakistani movies recently release, except social cause based movies, most of the Lollywood movies were looking the remake of Indian films.

Mathira Item Song Mahiya Video

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