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Miss Pakistan World 2016: Ramina Ashfaque

You know about Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universe and likewise many other celebrities and status. But do your know about Miss Pakistan World 2016 Ramina Ashfaque? Well, today we will tell you about Ramina Ashfaque, who she is and who she managed to get this status.

After winning the Miss Pakistan World 2016 Competition, Ramina Ashfaque has qualified for the Miss Pakistan Earth 2017 pageant. She got the title of Miss Pakistan World 2016 on November 19, 2016. Ramina Ashfaque is from Karachi and is active in modeling for past five years.

Currently, she is living in Miami, Florida. The Pakistani-born Ramina rose in Fort Lauderdale where she attended a local college to pursue her bachelor’s degree alongside her modeling career.

The professional modeling career of Ramina Ashfaque consists of ramp walk, appearing in publications, and hosting large scale events. She is recognized at international level for her gorgeous look, exotic style and her ability to perform modeling in various classic and modern day fashion trends. She is a very dedicated and driven individual who is much enthusiastic about her future and wanna grow more.

When the sun goes down, turn on the lights in just one central room in your house, and encourage your family to spend the evening hours there instead of scattering around the house and lighting up every room. Lightning just one room will save a lot of energy over time that is the saying of Miss Pakistan 2016.

Ramina Ashfaque Pics

Ramina Ashfaque – Miss Pakistan World 2016

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