Mobile Number Details and Location for sale in Pakistan

Written by Ali
(Last Updated On: 19/02/2018)

After terrorism issue in Pakistan, Govt of Pakistan made is very hard to buy a sim without owners registration, and biometric is also mandatory now. In the past, it was easier for anyone to get someone’s number details by merely going to franchise and making up a story or simply having a connection with franchisee worker. But after terrorism wave, everything got under control. A large number of employees got fired because of negligence with users data. There came a time when workers at mobile companies became very conscious about how they should treat their data, and it became next to impossible to get mobile number details from mobile company employees. Only intelligence agencies had access to such data other than companies themselves.

The turning point came into mobile phone users data and their privacy. A whole database containing mobile number consumer data; including Name, Address, CNIC number, all another number by the same user. The leak of that scale is a disaster of national level. Crooks who hold this data is reselling it on a large scale from individual user data to complete number information database to another 3rd party. Sad part is there are also some illegal cell phone number directory available online with owner name, city, location address street name in it. The comments section of Facebook pages and website are filled with number details sellers. Even to the extent, there are some special groups on Facebook doing this illegal activity. Prices for mobile data details is from Rs. 2000 to 5000.

As per reports various TV channels such as ARY, some workers from mobile companies are selling exact location of mobile number. Govt. should take steps to stop this mobile phone number details selling on the web and local market.

Mobile Data Illegally Sales scandal on Ary News Program:

If you have been victim of such issue, please contact your local Police station or FIA Cyber Dept. Islamabad.

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