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Orient Summer Discount Sale 2017: Discount on ACs, Refrigerators & Water Dispensers

(Last Updated On: 24/04/2017)

Orient Pakistan has launched an exciting deal titled Summer Splash Deals. Under the deal launched by Orient, the buyers of Orient products can avail discount on the ACs, refrigerators and water dispensers of the Orient. According to Orient Pakistan, the buyer can save Rs. 2500 under its newly launched deal 2017.

The discount sale has been kicked off and will remain until April 30, 2017. According to an announcement made by Orient Pakistan through its official Facebook page, the sale is for all products of Orient like fridge, LCDs, oven, water dispenser, ACs and other electronic products.

“A lot of planning has gone into this event, we were basically saving the best for last,” says a spokesman for, “We wanted to do competitions and lucky draws for our previous events as well (Black Friday and Cyber Week) but we had to wait to get the execution right, and for this we first launched New Year Sale and now launched the Summer Discount Offer.”

The customers of Orient will able to get its Loyalty and Reward Point System as well. All you need first to register with and make purchases; your account will be automatically credited with points. You can use these points to get discounts in future.

How to earn reward points on

  • Earn points for registering your account.
  • Earn points for subscribing to our newsletter.
  • Earn points for every transaction on
  • Earn points for social sharing and user reviews.
  • Earn points for following our page on Facebook and Twitter.

Number of Points That You can earn by completing above mentioned ways:

Ways to Earn PointsPoints You Will Earn
Registering Your Account25
Subscribing to Our Newsletter25
Transaction on
User Reviews50
Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Tweet25 | 25 | 25

How to use reward points:

Once credited with reward points, the user can basically use reward points on any item while checking out.
You will get Rs 1 discount against each of 1 point. Suppose you have earned 250 points so that you can get Rs 250 discount on any item.

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