Pakistan Railways Train Timings Online 2017

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 07/08/2017)

Pakistan Railways is one of the largest means of transportation in the country offering its services in the farthest corners of the country. In fact, it is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy as well. In this age where private transportation services are stepping still Pakistan Railways have more number of passengers and customers than other public and private modes of transportation.

In order to check for the online train timings of Pakistan Railways, move to the link and select the train and date. Now click on the Search Timings and the details regarding arrival and departure of the selected train will be shown up on the screen.

Here is the image for direction:

The history of railways in sub-continent dates back to 1858, however, the area of current Pakistan got railways system in 1861 when for the first time railways line was opened for public traffic between Karachi City and Kotri. Later on it was extended to other areas and now it has wide network of railways lines that connects the entire country.

With the passage of time, Pakistan Railways have got massive developments. One of the major improvements made in the infrastructure of Pakistan Railways is introducing online and e-services like knowing about the train timings and online reservation system. It is offering many services like transportation of passengers, goods dispatchment and parcel luggage.

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