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PIA Online Ticket Reservation System: How to Book Online PIA Ticket

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 17/09/2017)

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the largest national air carriers of the country that once assisted the many Asian and Middle East countries to set their air carriers. The work on airlines services in the current Pakistan were started in 1946 on the direction of Quaid e Azam Muhhmad Ali Jinnah who then realized that in future Pakistan will need this service. After a lot of efforts, an airline service with the name of Orient Airways was started in 1947 that was later on merged and changed with the name of Pakistan International Airlines in 1955.

Online ticket reservation system of PIA is not complex at all. The PIA tickets reservation can be made in the areas of Return, One-Way and Multi-City. In order to book or reserve ticket from the official website of PIA, simply move to the link and provide the particulars like required traveling, arrival and departure destinations, departing date, returning date in case of One-Way and Multi-City, and number of passengers.

Step by Step Guide PIA Online Ticket Reservation

Move to the link

After clicking the Proceed button you will be navigated to schedule and prices page with details on flight timings with available fare selected dates. Moreover, on this page upon selection of flight, you will find total applicable fares & complete trip information in the Trip Summary column with break up on the applicable taxes and fees for the desired itinerary. Press Continue Button

Total Fare quoted in Trip Summary is only available for Online Purchase via credit/debit card. In case of ticket purchase through PIA Ticket Office, Facilitation charges will apply in addition to the fares quoted on website for Temporary Web Bookings.

Fare Rules (must read) ‐ Can be displayed by clicking on View Fare Rules hyperlink indicated at bottom in Trip Summary section, as shown in Figure

On selecting desired flight and fares you will be navigated to the passenger information page as shown in Figure

Provie Frequent Fliers Details (if any)

Please choose a payment method from the given options on payment page. You may pay by selecting PK Ticket Office or by a Credit/Debit card. For customer convenience images of the accepted cards have been displayed

To make a temporary web booking and pay by PK Ticket Office, you must select PK Ticket Office radio button in the Payment Type section; choose PK Ticket Office from the list of Card type.

If you wish to pay online please choose Credit / Debit Card button in the Payment Type section and confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the Fare Rules and Terms & Conditions by checking the check‐box. In order to proceed, please click the Submit button, as shown below

If you have chosen PK Ticket Office the confirmation page after clicking the Submit button, the confirmation page with your temporary booking will be displayed as shown in the below

You will receive a Temporary Web Booking Email from [email protected] with your itinerary details to purchase it from PK Ticket Office.

If you have chosen Credit/Debit Card option, please click the Submit button, on the confirmation page. Web Ticket Purchase Confirmation Email from [email protected] will be sent to customers email address including the ticket purchase details.

PIA has made major developments in its infrastructure in which the leading one is introducing online services like online reservation system, online schedules information, online web checkin system, seat availability, and getting flight status. Now for all these services, people don’t require to either call or personally visit the office because all of these services can be acquired from the official website of PIA.

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