Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme online registration date extended

If you haven’t still got registration for the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme, then you can do it now as the due date of online registration has extended.

Under the latest announcement by Higher Education Commission (HEC), the students can get the online registration under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme until 31st January 2016.

The current government of Pakistan knowing the potential of youth introduced a special initiative ‘Prime Minister’s Youth Programme’ soon they came in regime back in 2013. Under this initiative, several projects were launched to empower the youth of Pakistan. These are the projects which are included in the initiative of ‘Prime Minister’s Youth Programme‘:

  • Youth Business Loan Scheme
  • Interest Free Loans Scheme
  • Youth Training Programme
  • Skill Development Programme
  • Youth Laptop Programme
  • Fee Reimbursement Scheme

Youth Laptop Programme

The current government knowing that technology is a gateway to success and youth is the future of the nation, came up with an initiative of Laptop distribution scheme all around the country. Not to forget that earlier the Punjab Government led by PML-N successfully experienced their Laptop Scheme known as Chief Minister Laptop Scheme. Then the federal government initiated laptop scheme known as Youth Laptop Programme back in 2014. The current year will be the second year of the project, few days back and under this 100,000 laptops will be distributed all around in Pakistan( universities included in the lists). Here are the complete details about the laptop scheme you want to know:

Universities/Institutes  which are eligible for this initiative  ← Click here Apply Online at: ← Click here FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Questions) ← Click here


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