Punjab Government Announced Two Days Holiday Across Province

The Government of Punjab has announced two days holidays for all educational institutions across the province according to the news of ARY TV. Provincial Education Minister Rana Mashood has announced two days holiday on Monday and Tuesday due to existing law and order situation in the country especially fueling in Lahore at the moment.

According to Provincial Minister, the notification for closure could be extended if the situation doesn’t get better and for this fresh announcement will be made accordingly.

Dharna Current Situation

The Dharna of Tehreek e Labik in Islamabad has been entered in the fourth week. The situation is getting worse with the passage of each moment. All social media services, TV channels and all means of communications have been blocked in most of the areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Meanwhile, Government of Pakistan has called Pak Army to tackle the situation and start operation against the protesters. According to the source, Pak Army has submitted its answer to Ministry of Interior saying Pak Army is responsible for performing its Constitutional Duties. Before controlling the situation, Pak Army has sought clarification on three points.

Along with police, Rangers were also called to assist in operation but why they were not given the order to control the situation when it was getting worst. Moreover, Government needs to clarify the role of Pak Army appointment in an ongoing situation.

Right after the start of operation against protesters, protests have been started across the country. Government is now using all means to endorse its supremacy. Earlier the protestors were given all means of negotiation, but all fail.

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