Qubee Internet Packages 2017


Qubee is one of the leading Wi-Fi service providers in Pakistan that is offering its Wi-Fi and in some areas DSL net services. It is deploying the new WiMAX technology that is an advanced 4G technology. The best about this new technology is that it doesn’t require the phone lines or cables at all to get connected to the world of internet. It is simply the fastest way to experiences the fast speed browsing, downloading and uploading.


Currently, Qubee is offering its full-fledged services in following three cities.

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad

Before discussing the internet packages of Qubee, we would like to discuss the two ways of Qubee that are for keeping its users always online. Qubee packages are sub-divided into two packages that are:

  • Unlimited Packages
  • Limited Packages

If your selected package lies in the unlimited packages then you will be able to get the uninterrupted internet without blockage, but after exceeding the volume limit, the internet speed will be downgraded to 128 kbps but to gain actual speed, added volume can be purchased separately with the volumes bundle.

Then comes the limited package and if your package lies in this category then after exceeding the volume limit, the account will be blocked. But you can enjoy the extra volume at the following rates:


Qubee Internet Packages and Plans

Four main internet packages and plans being offered by Qubee are:

  • WOO Ten GBs
  • Limited 20 GBs
  • Unlimited Volume
  • Plug n Play

Here is the detailed information about packages, data volume, and rates.

Qubee Monthly Internet Plans

If you need Qubee Monthly Internet then here are the plans along with rate, speed, and volume.

How to Pay Qubee Internet Bill?

You can pay your Qubee internet fee according to following methods:

  • Pay Bills via Faysal Bank
  • Payments through UBL OMNI
  • Payments through EasyPaisa
  • Payment Qubee Stores or Door Collection
  • Jazz Cash
  • Payments through UPaisa

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