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Shahid Afridi and Zareen Khan Latest TV Commercial for T10 Cricket League

(Last Updated On: 07/12/2017)

The latest TV commercial of Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi and Bollywood superstar Zareen Khan is rocking over the internet. Both performed in a TV commercial for T10 Cricket League whose video got viral over social media platforms.

Bollywood heroine Zareen Khan is the big fan of Shahid Afridi and many time she expressed her passion for Shahid Afridi as well. She is the diehard fan of Shahid Afridi that is why she is supporting Pakhtoon Franchise from the very beginning.

Recently in a TV commercial, Shahid Afridi and Zareen Khan can be seen in head to head race competition. In the video, it can be seen Zareen is riding Red Ferrari Sports Care and meanwhile, a bike rider came and crossed her car at full speed. Both interact with a filling station where Zareen inquire who is he and come to know he is none other but Shahid Afridi.

In the view Zareen said, she is a proud Pakhtoon. The video has been shared by T10 Cricket League on their official Facebook page that has been viewed by millions of people so far. Shahid Afridi is T10 Cricket League Pakhtoon Franchise captain while Zareen Khan is the ambassador of the league.

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