Top Highest Paid Persons in Pakistan

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 10/02/2017)

Pakistan is developing in many ways either it is showbiz, banking, sports, commerce, tech or industrial sector of Pakistan. There are some lucky fields the employees and workers are which dominating. These fields have some millionaires who are leading their companies are leading in the country as well. The branches and network of their businesses and business are spread in different sectors of the countries and even is some other part of the world as well.

The profile of CEO, President, Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer, and some other white collar posts plays the very vital position in forming a company and leading it. These high profile persons support their company in every condition, develop the organization and get the highest reward in return. Here is the list of some highest paid persons in Pakistan.

Here is the list of highest paid persons in Pakistan

  • CEO of NIB, Atif R. Bokhari – Rs 13.35 crore per year
  • CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, Shazad Dada – Rs. 10.3 crore per year
  • CEO of Bank Alfalah, Atif Bajwa – Rs. 9.5 crore/year
  • CEO of MCB Bank, Imran Maqbool –  Rs. 7.4 crore/year
  • CEO of SILK Bank, Azmat Tarin – 7.3 crore/year
  • CEO of CITI Bank, Nadeem Lodhi – 7.28 crore/year
  • CEO of Mezan Bank, Irfan Siddiqui – 6.1 crore/year
  • CEO of Habib Metropolitan Bank, Sirajuddin Aziz – 6.06 crore/year
  • CEO of Soneri Bank, Mohammad Aftab Manzoor – 6 crores/year
  • Mobilink CEO – 4 crore/year
  • Cricketer Muhammad Hafeez – 3.9 crores/year
  • CEO Wateen – 3.6 crore/year
  • Cricketer Sarfraz Ahmed – 3.3 crores/year
  • Cricketer Azhar Ali – 3 crore/year
  • CEO PIA Bernd Hildenbrand – 2.3 crore/year
  • Shaan Shahid – 50 lakh/per movie
  • Mahira Khan – 5 lakh/per episodes

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