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Truth behind Shahid Afridi`s Daughter Death and Disease

(Last Updated On: 15/09/2017)

Rumors are there on social media platforms about the death of the Shahid Afridi’ daughter Asmara. It started to become viral from the twitter account of someone who shared the pic of a deceased girl with the caption Shahid Afridi daughter expired. Surprisingly, the girl being shown in the image by no means look like Asmara Afridi and neither her age fellow at all.

It is important to mention here that someone has got the wrong message of the Afridi’s last month post in which he was standing nearby here daughter Asmara in a hospital. Last month her daughter went through a dental surgery. Afridi then shared a message for her little angel “A warm hug from my loving daughter Asmara after her surgery made me feel complete, thanks every 1 for remembering her in ur prayers.”


Check out the messages and posts viral over the social media platforms.

But there were many using their brains properly. They are badly criticizing those spreading fake news and rumors. There are responding as, “We are literate, first satisfy yourself then keep forwarding or tweeting quotes.” y r u posting fake news! Do u guys not have any morals. Pathetic and disgusting to spread fake news like this!!!!. Fake News. You Idiot. Stop propagating fake news. This is not Afridi’s daughter and likewise many other messages are being shared in response over these tweets.

Asmara is the younger daughter of the Shahid Afridi in her four daughters.

The news of treatment was also covered by the ABP News.

Meanwhile, Afridi is sharing her images from the Makkah Tul Mukarma where he is for performing Umrah.

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