Tulsi Leaves Benefits and Uses


Tulsi leaves have many importances in both health and religious areas. In Hinduism, these are an integral part of some worships. It has various benefits in the form of health and medical related supplements and medicines. For thousands of years, it has been used in Ayurveda because of its healing properties. It is said to be the perfect natural product for keeping the balance between multiple activities going on in the body. It is also helpful for combating stress.


In Ayurveda, it is called as an elixir of life and perfect natural product to promote longevity. It is being used in multiple forms like dried powder, herbal tea, or mixed with ghee. Its oil is also used for multiple medicinal purposes and used in the herbal cosmetics as well.

Here we are listing some essential benefits and uses of Tulsi leaves.

  • It is used as a cure for fever and also getting rid of viral and fatal bacterial infections.
  • Tulsi water helps in developing immunity
  • Act as antibacterial elements and used for recovery from dengue
  • Act as purifying and cleansing agent.
  • Useful for skin and treating skin disorders and other issues like itches, ringworms, etc.
  • Beneficial for treating asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory elements.
  • Helps in relieving stress and strengthen immunity.
  • It contains vitamin A and C and useful for those lacking these vitamins.
  • It helps to maintain the balance of regular bodily processes.
  • Useful for those dealing with kidney stones
  • It can help in the maintenance of normal levels of the stress hormone and cortisol in the body.
  • Useful for both dental health and healthy gums
  • It can be used for treating insect bite
  • It is also useful for severe health conditions like malaria, hepatitis, dengue, swine flu and even tuberculosis.

How to Use Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi leaves can be used in multiple forms like powder, fresh leaves, water, oil or mixing in ghee. You can also add it to your tea as well.

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