Tulsi Leaves Benefits & how to use them (Video Tutorial)

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(Last Updated On: 22/04/2017)

Tulsi leaves are widely used by the people across the globe as they posses miraculous health benefits. Apart from this name they are also known as Holy Basil or Ocimum Sanctym, which are recognized as their medical and scientific names respectively.

Holy Basil or Tulsi Leaves are most commonly used in South Asian countries, most prominently in India and Pakistan.  Most primarily it gives health benefit of strengthening immunity in an individual and is seen as one of the most essential herb when it is about fighting against the hosts or the foreign elements entering in the body that can make your body sick. Other than providing such strength to immune system and to get rid off the common ailments like fever, stress, heart protection, Holy Basil can be used for various hair and skin disorders.

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

  • A few drops from Tulsi leaves in water can kill the germs and can purify it within seconds.
  • Even the smell of Tulsi Leaves in pot indoors can keep you away from cold hacks like cough, viral infections and headache.
  • Tulsi Leaves can finish bad breath and its usage works nothing less than that of mouth freshener.
  •  It is beneficial for the treatment of breathing problems like asthma.
  • It also cures seasonal respiratory disorders.
  • Usage of Holy Basil also keeps away from heart diseases.
  • Tulsi Leaves usage on damaged skin makes it heal.
  • It also gives growth to hair and keeps skin fresh as it prevents premature aging.
  • It also reduces the stress.

How to Use Tulsi Leaves (Video Tutorial)

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