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Ufone Social Buckets: Internet for Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp

(Last Updated On: 23/06/2017)

Ufone never shies away from surprising their customers with the latest affordable packages. All this is done while keeping in view the customer’s feedback and usage.

Up the latest, they have come up with social bundles through which one person can use Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

It will be pertinent to mention here that netziens have more of their usage nowadays on the social networking sites.

Ufone always strives to provide its subscribers those services that are the requirement of the today Pakistan environment. For the same reason it never hesitate in launching new services. It always comes with latest and advanced technology to offer innovative services to its subscribers. Ufone is offering highly competitive 3G internet packages all in one place.

Bucket NamePriceVolume (MB)TimingSubscription CodeFreebies
Social Daily0510024 Hours*4422#  
Daily Chat0510,000 SMS
+ Unlimited Whatsapp
24 Hours*3465#
Social Monthly50Free Usage on
Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp.
30 Days*5858# 

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