10 Best Tourist Places in Punjab

(Last Updated On: 23/11/2018)

Nowadays tourism is one of the prominent features for the economy of any country. A country that rich with beautiful, interesting or historical places makes out good revenue of it. Pakistan is an amazing country when comes to tourism because it offers everything at one place meaning it has northern areas which are full on the natural beauty like Swat, Kalam, Naran, Gilgit, Skardu, Azad Kashmir and the Himalayas. These places are full of natural beauty having stunning mountain peaks and amazing valleys and landscapes. On the other hand, we have historical places spread all over Punjab. Unfortunately, our previous governments haven’t kept tourism on priority and should have been. Another thing is that Punjab has been ignored totally when it comes to tourism most of the tourism is on Northern areas of Pakistan which is full of natural beauty but Punjab also offers some amazing places to visit. Let see the top 10 places to visit in Punjab.

1. Minar-e-Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan is a memorial of the movement where Muslims of subcontinent decided that they will have their own country. A huge meeting was called on 23rd March 1940. The Minar is made as a memorial of that meeting and is called Minar e Pakistan. It’s very near to Badshahi Masjid in Lahore.

2. Fort Munro:

If you are told that there are not cold places in Punjab then surely you are being misguided there are places where you can enjoy the cold weather and natural beauty. One of those places is Fort Munro. It is located in Punjab near Dera Ghazi Khan. It 85 Km away from the city of Dera Gazi Khan and is a wonderful place to visit. There is also a beautiful lake in the valley called Demis lake.

3. Tomb of Jahangir 

Another amazing historical structure is the tomb of Jahangir, is located in Lahore. The Lahore is one of the most ancient cities of Pakistan as it is full of tourist attractions. Tomb of Jahangir is one of the major attraction of it. Mughal king Jahangir was buried here in 1627.

4. Katas Raj Temple

A ancient temple of 6th century is located near Kallar Kahar its just 16 Km away from Kallar Kahar.

5. Badshahi Mosque

The No. 8 largest Mosque in the world, made by Mugual King Aurangzed in 1683 is located in Lahore. The location of the mosque is mesmerizing and takes you back to the era.

6. Noor Mahal

Another tourist attraction in south Punjab, as it’s a palace built by  Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV. The structure of the palace is amazing and one gets mesmerized by the beauty of it.

7. Khewra Salt Mine

The largest salt mine of the world is located in Khwera Pakistan almost 250 KM from Lahore.

8. Rohtas Fort

A great work by Sher Shah Suri is Rohtas Fort, the fort  was built in 8 years. Located in the premises of the grand trunk road.

9. Wazir Khan Mosque

Another mega structure from the Mughal era, the mosque is located in Lahore and its symbol of love towards Islam in the subcontinent.

10. Shalimar Gardens:

The Garden was built by Shah Jahan who really loved beauty and arts. The garden represents how rich was subcontinent in arts and architecture.

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