Haji Abdul Wahab Ameer Tableeghi Jamaat (1923-2018)

One of the most influential religious personality in Pakistan & subcontinent Haji Abdul Wahab died on 18th November 2018. Haji Abdul Wahab entirely devoted his life to spreading the message of Islam, a man of vision, a man of peace, a man with a message of love. Haji Saab was born in Delhi India in 1923 by cast he was Rajput and belong to Rao tribe. He completed graduation from Islamia College Lahore. After that, worked at Tehsildar before the partition of Pakistan and India. He did graduation from Islamia college Lahore. From a very young age, his interest was to serve Islam, and one of his role models were Abdul Rai Qadir Puri who was the President of Majlis e Ahrar Burewala. At very young age Haji Abdulwahab worked for Majlis e Ahrar.

Haji Abdulwahab joined Tableegi Jamat in 1944 and worked side by side with the founder of Tablegi Jamat Muhammad Ilyas Khandhlawi. Haji Saab spent a lot of time with Muhammad Ilyas Khandhlawi. The message of Tableegi Jamat is to spread the word of Allah, and his last Prophet Muhammad SAW in a way that hurts no one. Meaning Tablegi Jamat will never hit the sector group they just spread the message of love and calls people towards Islam in the most peaceful way.

Haji Abdul Wahab was the Ameer of Tablighi Jamat since 1992 and has done a tremendous amount of work to spread the message of Islam. His hard work and dedication to spreading the message of Islam have many fruitful results a huge no. of Muslims have fully or partially devoted their lives to serve Islam. Haji Saab has done his duty with full responsibility and dedication, and that’s why his huge crowd came to attend his funeral. Haji Abdul Wahab was ranked#10 most influential Muslim in 2013/2014 in The Muslim 500. The Muslim 500 is an annual publication that started in the year 2009, and it gives the list of top 500 Muslim personalities of the year.

Haji Abdul Wahab is a big loss for Muslim Ummah; Haji Saab died due to dengue fever at the age of 95 on 18th November 2018. His funeral prayer was offered at Tablighi Markaz Raiwind and was buried in the graveyard adjacent to Tablighi Markaz Raiwind. May Allah bless him with Janatul Firdos. Ina lilahi wa ina elahi rajewoon and May Allah give us the strength to spread the message of Islam as Haji Saab did throughout his life.


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