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18 International NGOs Ordered to Evacuate Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 05/10/2018)

Action Aid informed that Government of Pakistan has ordered 18 International NGOs to evacuate Pakistan on the earliest.

It is pertinent to mention that most of these international NGOs work on Human Rights and related departments and previously Government of Pakistan alleged an NGO of using its activities as a cover and working against interests of Pakistan.

Action Aid is an International NGO whose central office is in Johannesburg, South Africa and its agenda is spreading education and poverty alleviation. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its notification informed this NGO to wrap up its activities in Pakistan and all of its foreign staff should evacuate Pakistan.

Abdul Khaliq who is the Director of Action Aid in Pakistan told that no reason was given by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the notice and Abdul Khaliq proclaimed this action as an attack on Human Rights and Civil Society.

Towards the end of last year, Government of Pakistan ordered 27 NGOs to leave the country and 17 of these NGOs including Action Aid filed appeals against this decision. The appeals have now been rejected and this time notification clarifies that no right of appeal has been given however all of these NGOs can re-apply for brand new registration in Pakistan.

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