6 Pathans who made Pakistan Proud


Pathans usually are very simple and due to this fact, jokes are often cracked about them on internet and shared through SmS and whatsapp text messages. Today you will learn about six Pathans who made Pakistan proud.

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6- Flight Lieutenant Saba Khan

For 55 years, Pakistan Airforce comprised of all male engineers, pilots and officials. First time ever in the history of Pakistan Airforce in 2003, women were allowed to join aerospace engineering and fighter jet pilot training. Saba Khan joined the course along with four other females and she completed the course in 2006 and now Saba Khan has over 250 hours of C-172 flying experience. Saba Khan belongs to a Pashtun family hailing from Quetta and her inspiration was her maternal uncle who she never met. He was a fighter jet pilot who died in a crash. She used to see his pictures and she felt proud watching him in his uniform. This forced her to become a fighter plane pilot.


5- Jehangir Khan

Jehangir Khan was born in Karachi on 10th of December 1963. He belongs to Naway Kalay Payan in Peshawar and his family is Pathan. He is considered the greatest player of Squash who bagged World Open six times and British Open ten times. He was unbeaten in 555 matches from 1981 to 1986. Both the records are part of Guinness Book of World Record. He was beaten by Ross Norman of New Zealand after 555 matches but after losing this match, he remained unbeaten for another 09 months. He got retired from Squash in 1993 and was the President of World Squash Federation from 2002 till 2008.

4- Jan Sher Khan

Jan Sher Khan also belongs to a Pathan family of Peshawar. He faced Jehangir Khan in tournaments 37 times in which he won 19 and Jehangir Khan won 18 matches. After arrival of Jan Sher Khan on the international scene, the rule of Jehangir Khan had finished and now the throne was shared by both these players. Both of these players set many records that are still unbroken. Jan Sher Khan retired from Squash in 2001 and in 2010 he was selected as National Head Squash Coach but in 2011 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He served as advisor to the President Pakistan Squash Federation from 2015 till 2018.

3- Shahid Khan Afridi

Born on 21st March 1980 in Afridi tribe of Pathans, Shahid Afridi started his international career at the age of 16 years after being included in the team upon injury of leg spinner Mushtaq Ahmad. His first match was against Kenya in which he did not bat and was wicketless. In second match he came at No.3 as a pinch hitter and scored fastest century on 37 deliveries. His innings included 11 sixes which was a record itself. Another record he bagged was that he became the youngest cricketer who scored a century in ODI at the age of 16 years and 217 days. After 18 years, his record was broken by New Zealand cricketer Corey Anderson who scored a 36-balls century. AB de Villiers broke that record after a year by scoring a 31-ball century. Shahid Afridi is called boom boom by his fans and not only Pakistanis but people all around the world are big fans of his long and high sixes. Although Shahid Afridi has announced retirement from all three formats of international cricket but still plays in Pakistan Super League.

2- Imran Khan

In 1952, Imran Khan was born in Lahore to a Pathan family. He is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan and he is famous for winning the first and only Cricket World Cup for Pakistan in 1992. He made first ever Cancer hospital of Pakistan named after his mother. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is his political party that won in 2018 General Elections and as a result he was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

1- Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed

He was a captain in Pakistan Army and Karnal is part of his name and not his rank. There are ten Nishan-e-Haider (highest military award of Pakistan Army) awarded in the history of Pakistan and Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed has been awarded one. He was born on 1st of January 1970 in Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in a Pathan family. He tried for the commission twice and got selected on the 2nd occasion. He completed long course in 1994 from Kakul and was appointed in 27th Sindh Regiment Okara. He was sent to Gultri region during Kargil war in 1999. He made 5 very important strategic posts on 17000 feet height and defended them on numerous occasions against the enemies. On 5th of July 1999, the Indian Army’s two battalions surrounded these posts and started heavy mortar shelling. Sher Khan Shaheed came out himself to fight the enemy but during heavy shelling he was hit by bullets of machine gun and got Shaheed.

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