6 September 1965 Pakistan Defence Day 2018 Songs and Quotes

For every patriotic citizen of Pakistan, 6th September aka Defense Day of Pakistan is one of the most important and special National Events to celebrate with full zeal and enthusiasm. It does not make much difference to the patriotic where he/she is at that day.

This day reminds a lot of ever green, memorable sacrifices, achievements belonging to this great day. This holds special importance for everyone who loves Pakistan from the core of his heart.

Everybody has contributed to celebrate the day in a unique way, some wrote great poetry on the Defence Day, Some has created very nice SMS concerning 6th September 1965. Everyone celebrates the day with his own unique style.

Pakistan Defence Day and Youm-e-Difa Pakistan Wallpapers

Pakistan Defence Day Songs

YouTube video
YouTube video


YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
New In Fiazon Mai
Mujahidine Aflak
Watan Ki Beti
PAF Ooncha
PAF Meshup Song BY Junaid Jamshed
Leading from the Front
A Tribute to Sherdils
Aey Hawa k Rahion
Har Jahan Say Agay
Dharkan Main Josh
Ghazi Ya Shaheed
Aye Rah-e-Haq Kay Shaheedo
Jhapatna Palatna
Hawaoon Ka Sipahi
Tum Hi Say Aye Mujahido
In Fizaoon Say Agay
Jis Manzil Kay Safar
Hawai Foj Kay Uqab
Unchi Uranein
Josh (Shafqat Ammanat Ali)

Pakistan Defence Day Quotes:

Long Live Pakistan!

His Desires Are Few,

His Ideals Are Lofty,

His Ways Are Gratuitous,

His Gaze Is Pleasing,

He Is Soft In Speech,

But Ardent In His Quest,

In War As In Peace,

He Is Pure Of Heart And Mind. (IQBAL).

Dedicated To Pak Army Soldiers.

Happy Defence Day.


Ye Nafrat Buri Hai, Na Paalo Isse,

Dilo Main Khalish Hai ,Nikalo Isse,

Na Tera ,Na Mera ,Na Iska , Na Uska,

Ye Sab Ka Watan Hai,Bacha Lo Isse.


Hum To Mit Jain Ge Aae Arz-e-Watan,

Lakin Tum ko ………………

Zinda Rehna hai qayamat ki sehar hone tak.

Defence Day SMS:

“Lehron ko khamosh daikh ker ye mat smajhna ke samandar main rawaani nai hai,

jub b uthaen ge tufaan bun ker uthain ge abhi uthane ki thaani nai hai”.


Aae Sayad-e-Abrar K Dildaar Sipaahi ,

Toheed-o-Risaalat K Paristaar Sipaahi,

Islam Ki Azmat K Alamdar Sipahi,

Barbadi-e-America K Talabgaar Sipaahi,

Utth ! Qoum Ki Bigrhi Hui Taqdeer Bana De,

Her Bacha-e-Muslim Ko Jhangeer Bana De.


Pakistan banaya tha,

Pakistan bachaen ge,



“Sir Ta Ba Qadam Qurbani,

Hum Log Hain Pakistani Jo Raah Main Hail Hoga,

Gum Kerda-e-Sahil Hoga Punj Aab Ki Hai Tughyani,

Hum Log Hain Pakistani.


Lehrao Parcham Apna,

Dikhao Haqiqat Apni,

Ab Dil Main Yahi Hai Thaani,

Hum Log Hain Pakistani.


Pray For All The Martyrdom Of 1965 War.

Till Operation Raahe-Raast (Sawat), The Pakistan Army Done The Great Job.

We Love Our Army and Pakistan.

Pakistani Fouj Ko Salaam.

Pakistan Zindabaad.


Watan Hamara Misaal Mohabbat Ki,

Torta Hai Deewar Nafrat Ki,

Meri Khush Naseebi,

Mili Zindagi Is Chaman Main,

Bhula Na Sake Koi Iski Khusboo Saaton Janam Me,

Happy Defence Day.

Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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