Aamir Liaquat vs Dr Zakir Naik: Indian Scholar responds to BOL TV Host

One can’t deny the popularity of the Ramadan transmissions in Pakistan, and so the BOL TV Ramadan transmission as it stands out as one of the most watch TV shows during the holy month. Not to forget, the host of this transmission, Aamir Liaquat Hussain is a big reason for getting it stands tall in popularity and as well as TRP’s among the string competition from other channel’s Ramadan transmissions as well. The famous scholar turned host is regarded as the pioneer of Ramadan special transmissions in Pakistan and that’s why he is one of the most looked after host in the Pakistani TV industry. But days something unprecedented happened at the show Ramazan Mein BOL, which consequently laid to PEMRA’s ban on Aamir Liaquat for 30 days.

The move coming up by the TV regulatory authority came after Aamir Liaquat was found guilty of hurting the religious sentiments of people around through his show. This all happened after a live caller from India asked a question related to Hazrat Ali and Khilafat system in Pakistan. The Pakistani host lost his cool and accused the caller to be the follower of Dr Zakir Naik. It all didn’t stop here as later on BOL TV host had heated exchange of words with one of the Mufti attendee of one of the segments at the show. The religious scholar opposed Aamir Liaquat’s views about Dr Zakir but the host of the show wasn’t in the mood to accept it all as he was of the view that famous Indian scholar committed blasphemy through his videos.

This incident has sparked a new debate on social media, and finally, the famous religious scholar responded to all the claims made against him over the BOL TV Ramadan transmission. Dr Zakir Naik’s humble reply discarded all the claims made against him, but at the same time elaborated how a slip of the tongue or fake edited video can change the crux of the matter.

Video: Dr Zakir Naik responds to Aamir Liaquat’s claims



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