Here’s why Aamir Liaquat’s Official Facebook page got deleted

It seems that Aamir Liaquat is going through lean phase of his career and that’s not something affecting his popularity. Actually, the famous televenaglust has landed himself in hot waters with making a controversial during a live call session with a caller from India. Things didn’t end up here as the Bol TV host went on having heated exchange with one of the religious scholar guest on the show.  Even though Aamir Liaquat had hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe, but PEMRA’s  ruling over it can’t stop him from the 30-days long ban.

It should be noted here that regulatory authority came up with the ban for the famous Tv host after he was founded guilty of hurting the sentiments of many of the Muslims across the globe. Although, it isn’t the first ban Aamir Bhai had to face in his shinny yet controversial career , but it seems this time his absence during the prime transmission of Ramadan would be hurting BOL TV to the fullest.

With days passing and things didn’t working in Amir Liaquat’s favor, here’s yet another blow to the scholar turned host, who is also regarded as the pioneer of the Ramadan transmissions.  Keeping all buzz around, this article is about Aamir Liaquat’s official Facebook page getting deleted by the Facebook authorities.

Yet now the authentic reason Amir Liaquat’s Facebook page’s suspension isn’t known but the rumors around suggests that the page was taken off by the Facebook authorities as it was multiple times reported for promoting the intra-religious tension across the globe. Not to forget, Aamir Liaquat blamed Dr Zakir Naik of committing blasphemy through his videos.

It will be pertinent to mention here that Aamir Liaquat’s official Facebook page had over 2 million followers.

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