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Abid Sher Ali’s daughter’s video went viral – Must Watch

The elections ringing right above the head is actually the time for politicians to show their brightest face, but it seems PML-N top leadership have no plan for it. PML-N lawmaker and Minister Rana Sanaullah’s controversial comments were yet sparking debate and now there’s something more to it; this time from Federal Minister of Water and Power Abid Sher Ali. Both the seasoned politicians are in the hot waters over their sleazy comments about the women of their fellow political party, PTI.

It should be noted here that apart from PTI supporters, many of the famous and newscasters have also voiced against the controversial remarks, which they accuse were against the dignity of politics.  It will be pertinent to mention here that Abid Sher Ali’s comments in the Punjabi language came at a political gathering where he took dig at rival Shireen Mazari but at some stage, the choice of words actually put the question on the decency of the PML-N minister. The Faisalabad-based Minister came up with such comments while narrating the incident took between him and PTI leader during the NA session of Budget Announcement.

Abid Sher Ali’s controversial video about Shireen Mazari


As soon Abid Sher Ali’s video went viral, people from the different field of life actually shared their bit about the video and most of them opposed the irresponsible idea and attitude of the Federal Minister.

Watch Abid Sher Ali’s Daughter’s Video About Shireen Mazari


The unprecedented move to the whole scenario was Abid Sher Ali’s daughter coming in support of her father’s comments.  The young girl, through a video message in English actually asserted that his father is the man of honour and none of his comments was offensive at all as it up to the women how they earn the respect for themselves.

Here’s how people react to Abid Sher’s Ali’s daughter’s video:





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