Aftab Iqbal To Quit Khabardar to Start New Comedy Show Khabargeer

Aftab Iqbal is no doubt is the pioneer of Comedy TV Show in the country. He has initiated comedy TV shows in Pakistan and all of is shows get tremendous popularity inside and outside of the country among Pakistanis living abroad.

Aftab Iqbal who started his comedy TV show program from Hasb e Hal and later on moved to the Khabarnaak and ten Khabardar is now planning to launch another comedy TV show program named Khabargeer.

According to sources, the contract between Aftab Iqbal and Express Media Group is about to terminate after completion of period and Aftab Iqbal is not willing to carry on the program any more. That is the speciality of Aftab Iqbal that he doesn’t believe on dragging the same ideas and patterns and believe on coming with fresh ideas each time.

It is confirmed that Aftab Iqbal will start a new show Kahbargeer very soon but name of broadcasting channel is not yet confirmed. Moreover, whether the Express Media will stop airing the program or will hire new team is also not confirm. However, it is also confirmed that the existing team of Khabardar will move with Aftab Iqbal and will join him in his new comedy TV show Khabargeer.

Comedy TV Shows in Pakistan

There is no doubt that Pakistani comedy has no comparison in Asia and in all those countries where Urdu or Hindi is spoken or understand. In the 21st century, Pakistani showbiz industry comes with innovations in which comedy shows and comedy talk shows are leading over the rest. In the recent comedy TV shows, Aftab Iqbal is said to be the pioneer who started the journey with Hasb e Haal, the moved to the Khabarnak and now doing Khabardar.

The comedy shows at one point gives the Pakistani audience a new entertainment media and at the other end makes the theater and stage dramas artists able to earn a handsome amount. Due to these shows, these artists are now performing at an international level as well.

Currently, the following comedy TV shows are being played on miscellaneous Pakistani TV channels.

  • Khabardar
  • Hasb e Haal
  • Khabarnak
  • Mazaaq Raat
  • Sawa Teen
  • CiA
  • 4 Man Show
  • The Sharif Show
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