Best 10 English to Urdu Translation Apps


Time to search the meaning of words from one language to another via dictionaries has gone. It is a smart era, so there are lots of apps for the smartphones allowing you to search the meaning of any word in multiple languages. We are also talking about translation apps too that let you translate from one world to phrase and sentence and even large paragraph as well.


Check below the list of top rated English to Urdu translation apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

Urdu English Translator

First, we have got a highly educational and full of learning app named Urdu English Translator. It is a two-way translating app that lets its users to translate any word from Urdu to English and also translate English words into Urdu as well. App also supports several other languages as well.


According to our review about best English to Urdu translating apps, U-Dictionary is the best translating app that every teacher, student and those who like learning new languages must use. Like typing the world, you can easily copy a sentence or phrase into it as well.

Urdu to English Dictionary Pro

This app with the simple user interface and high-class user experience is the next translating app that you can use for translating English words to Urdu. One of the best things about this app is that it support for the English audio as well that is great for listening to the pronunciation of difficult words. You must give a try to this app.


English to Urdu and Urdu to English Dictionary

The name of the app is itself describing its description. English to Urdu and Urdu to English Dictionary is a multifunctional translation app that supports for translating from English to Urdu and also from Urdu to English. One thing that makes this app simply the best is that it works offline that means there is no need for internet connection at all.

Urdu Dictionary – Dict Box

For iPhone and iOS devices users we have got dedicated English to Urdu translating app for your devices. Urdu Dictionary – Dict Box is featured rich app to learn English language. This app contains almost two hundred fifty thousand words and expressions. You do not need to be expert at all because it is easy to use, fast and even works offline too.

Fallon’s English Urdu Dict

Fallon’s English Urdu Dict is another dedicated translating app for the iOS devices. It is called to be one of the most authentic sources for the Urdu language. The dictionary features thousands of words for learning the Urdu language with support of English language. Use this app to get the best learning experience.

English – Urdu Dictionary Free

English – Urdu Dictionary Free is really free English to Urdu translating and language learning app that contains millions of words to learn and thousands of translation articles too. You can use this app offline as well because it does not need the internet connection at all. The size of the app is also very small, and it will not slow down the performance of your device as well.

Other English to Urdu Translation Apps

English Urdu Dictionary FREE

Get Urdu English Translator

All Language Translator Free

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