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Top 10 Highest Salary Professions in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 13/01/2018)

When it comes to money and wealth, someone born with silver spoon and some has to work hard to get maximum in their life. That is the reality of the life and people living in this world. Everyone cannot be born rich, and most of the people have to rely on their job or business to get them to the top of the financial leader.

Securing a job like white collar job or one with the highest payment in Pakistan is not so easy. The posts offering highest pay and salary requires in-depth knowledge, experience and qualifications from reputable institutes.

Here are some highest paying jobs in Pakistan that you can pursue. It worth mention here, salaries are being mentioned on per annum basis.

Investment Bankers

These bring investment in for the banks and also give financial advice. These are also called Money Man as well. Most of the Investment Bankers are the CEOs of the top rated banks in Pakistan. They earn in millions every year.

Entry Level – Rs. 1,200,000

Mid-Career – Rs 3,600,000
Experienced – Rs 10,000,000

Chartered Accountants

CA is one of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan. If you hold good command over Accountancy and Business, then it is the most respected jobs in Pakistan.

Entry Level – Rs 960,000
Mid-Career – Rs 1,600,000
Experienced – Rs 3,600,000

Management Professionals

These are the soul of any organisation because these people have to manage the work process of an organisation and also finding new ways of increasing profit.

Entry Level – Rs 720,000
Mid-Career- Rs 1,200,000
Experienced- Rs 3,600,000

Aviation Professionals

Only sky is the limit for professionals working in the aviation sector. The salaries of aviation professionals can even touch the figure of Rs. 20 lakhs.

Commercial Pilot- Rs 2,000,000
Helicopter Pilot- Rs 1,800,000
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer- Rs 980,000

Scrum Master

Scrum Master is a new field that in recent time started getting attention in Pakistani IT market. It is management position that overviews the entire development process of any app, web, software or IT related services and products.

Entry Level – Rs 600,000
Mid-Career- Rs 960,000
Experienced- Rs 1,800,000

Business Analyst

With growing competition among companies in Pakistan, Business Analysts are important for any organisation to analyse the competition in the market. These get a salary equal to Scrum Master.

Entry Level – Rs 600,000
Mid-Career- Rs 960,000
Experienced- Rs 1,800,000

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals have always get attention in term of highest paid salaries in Pakistan. Especially surgeon, physician and specialists are earning much as compared to other medical field professionals.

General Practice- Rs 580,000
General Surgeon- Rs 810,000
Medical Doctor- Rs 1,700,000

Graphics Designer

If you are a good graphic designer and well versed in User Interface and User Experience, then you have the chance to get high reward for your services.

Entry Level – Rs 500,000
Mid-Career- Rs 760,000
Experienced- Rs 1,600,000

App and Web Developers

Every IT field pays well as compared to other jobs in Pakistan. Now take the example of App and Web Developers that also get handsome package against their services.

Entry Level – Rs 500,000
Mid-Career- Rs 760,000
Experienced- Rs 1,600,000

Law Professionals

Those working in the law field and taxation matters also earn handsome amount of money per annum. These range from a legal advisor to corporate legal affairs as well.


Corporate Lawyer- 610,000
Senior Attorney- 950,000

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