British Airways Resumes Flights to Pakistan

Things get going in a better way when the governance is improved and this is what is happening in Pakistan. Since the government of PTI has been elected lots of international companies are showing interest to invest in Pakistan which in turn- will definitely improve Pakistans economy. Reforms are required in Pakistan to make it a safe and better and better place to invest.

Now as the new Prime Minister is assuring to international companies that no one will ask for extra benefits from them. Before when companies came to Pakistan the corrupt leaders will come up with their own demands first for the investors and many companies left Pakistan due to such reasons.

Now as Prime Minister is looking in to this matter by himself and is assuring the companies that no one will ask them for anything. The investers are coming back to Pakistan now and world renowned companies have now shown interest to invset in Pakistan. In a similar way, British Airlines have decided to restore its operations in Pakistan. British High commissioner anncouned the news on Tuesday and told that the first flight will be schdueled in the coming year June. The flight will be between heathrow airport and Islamabad airport, by Islamabad we mean the new airport of Islamabad.

Pakistan has really appreciated the decision from the UK and has thanked them for it. It is worth mentioning here that Airplane for these flights will be new boeining 787 dreamliner. British airways banned their flights ten years ago as a gesture to condemn the attack on marriot hotel.


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  • Sarfraz on 19/12/2018

    Pakistan is going to accept Isreal as country soon under current government. All these are indications.


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