Ducky Bhai vs. Sham Idrees and Froggy : YouTube Scandal

YouTube is a thing for a real so is the YouTubers, although the concept wasn’t that live in Pakistan years back, but at the moment there are some lads, who are actually giving the proficient YouTubers run for their money. Not only this, they are also vowing to expose the falseness and flaws in the videos of prominent You Tube stars. In the latest turn of events, a relatively lesser known YouTuber, Saad ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai voiced against the famous Pakistani-Canadian YouTube sensation, Sham Idrees and his partner Froggy.

It should be noted here that it isn’t the first time Ducky Bhai took a dig at the YouTuber who holds massive followers, to be very exact 1.1 million followers on YouTube. The prodigy star, who is said to be from Lahore has been roasting other YouTube star as well but his consistency doing so againt Sham Idrees got him very much popular in the limelight. In one of the latest videos, Ducky Bhai severally criticized Sham Idress for faking in his YouTubes, but also highlighted the biased attitude of disabling the words like ‘Fake’ and ‘Scripted’ in the comments section of his YouTube page.

The Lahore-based YouTuber in his 20-minute long recent video had no stopping towards Sham Idrees and came up with many proofs against him. It should be noted here that the video is one of the top-rending videos on YouTube Pakistan right now and many of the YouTube are actually endorsing and supporting Ducky Bhai’s take against the prominent comedy star.

Ducky Bhai Latest Video exposing Sham Idrees and Froggy

YouTube video

Latest Video: Froggy responds to Ducky Bhai


Ducky Bhai vs Sham Idrees

Months back, one of Ducky Bhai’s video against Sham Idrees also made it big among Netizens. And that made Sham and her mate Froggy to become vocal against what it had all been going.  But to be very honext, it backfired and many of the Pakistani YouTuber fans actually lashed Pakistani-Canadian star for his comments.




Social Media Reactions  over Ducky Bhai vs Sham Idrees






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