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Undoubtedly, Biryani would be your ultimate love if you are a Pakistani and plus a foodie too; no matter where ever you live across the globe. This rainbow coloured rice dish has dozens of types and preparing methods, followed differentially in various parts of the globe. What comes out the real winner is the name of ‘Biryani’ itself as it is unarguably the uncrowned king of Pakistani cuisines. Not to forget, this dish is equally popular in the other South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh.


Before talking about more of this famous dish in Pakistan, where it should be known that food isn’t merely the piles of calories in our country, it has more to do with charging taste buds and enjoying it to the fullest. It won’t be wrong to say that food is a sort of celebration, that is fondly celebrated nationwide after getting up with your favourite meals.

The hoopla in this article is all about Biryani and what’s more fascinating to it is it isn’t about the Biryani you have been eating all these years. If you think we are talking about some regional-styled Biryani like the one we have Sindhi or Bombay Biryani, so you need to rethink as this isn’t happening here by miles. The Biryani product here we are actually talking about is special sort of Beef Biryani, for sure which is ultimately the newest concept for many of the crazy foodies out there all across Pakistan.


It will be pertinent to mention here that Nalli Biryani is something that started from Karachi and that too with the Dhaba-styled eatery named ‘Ghousia Biryani’. The one thing which can’t be negated about all the rapid widespread of this newest-type of Biryani is the role of social media as many Vlogs and videos have been up and revolving for the netizens.

This Biryani is not something you get from the posh area in Karachi, you actually need to get out of your comfort zones to get in through the narrow streets, and if you are actually ‘Ok’ with the aforementioned point, hope so the long wait in queue  for your turn won’t hurt you that much.  The Ghousia Nalli Biryani is a pure teat for the Beef-lovers out there and we’ve checked across, it actually worth the hype.

Ghousia Nalli Biryani Location/Address

Timings: Mon to Sat 11 AM to 06 PM
Location: Liaqyatabad Dakh khana #6 behind shell petrol pump


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Ghousia Nalli Biryani Reviews

On their Facebook Page, they got around 90 reviews and are standing tall with 4.3 stars on this social media platform.

Ghousia Nalli Biryani Photos


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