Government Hajj Scheme 2018: Application Process & Packages

(Last Updated On: 21/01/2018)

The government of Pakistan Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has announced Hajj Policy and Plan for 2018. In the Government Hajj Scheme 2018, there will be no free Hajj this year at all.

Just like previous year, this year there will also be two schemes:

Government Hajj Scheme – For those who want to perform Hajj under Government arrangements

Private Hajj Scheme – For those who want to make Hajj arrangements under Private Hajj Group Organizers

Pakistan Hajj Quota 2018

Pakistan Hajj Quota for the Year 2018 is 179,210 in which 119,473 is allocated under Government Hajj Scheme, and 59,737 is allocated for private hajj organisers.

Hajj Application Submission Process 2018

Applications for Hajj 2018 under Government Hajj Scheme will be invited through Banks and selection of Hujjaj will be made through “Computerized Open Balloting” to be conducted by a third party.

Hajj Dues 2018

The Hajj packages of Government Hajj Scheme for Hajj 2018 are as under:

PackageNorthern Region (Other Stations)South Region (Karachi, Quetta & Sukkur)
Total Hajj PackageRs. 280,000Rs. 270,000

If there is any additional expenditure, that shall be borne by the Government of Pakistan

Under the Government Hajj Scheme-2018, shared accommodation by Saudi Laws and Housing Permits (Tasreeh and Tasneef) shall be provided along with board and lodging services.

Number of Applicants Under Government Hajj Scheme

The number of pilgrims under the Government Hajj Scheme would be 119,473.

 Mandatory Conditions For Hujajj

The following are the mandatory conditions for intending applicants:

International Machine Readable Pakistani Passport valid up-to 20.02.2019and valid CNIC.

Medical fitness certificate issued by a Medical Officer of any hospital or medical facility of the Federal / Provincial or Local Government /Armed Forces, semi-government organisation / Autonomous body / Corporation. Lunatics, mentally unstable and chronically ill persons will not be allowed. In case, status is discovered contrary to the medical certification his nominee will be solely responsible for any mishap in KSA and Ministry reserves the right to cancel his selection for Hajj or repatriation from KSA. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the delinquent medical officers through the relevant authorities.

It would be mandatory for female pilgrim of any age to be accompanied by a mahram. However, in case of Fiqah Jafria pilgrim, a mandatory condition of mehram shall be implemented in the light of Saudi taleemat wherein female of 45 years and above are exempted from mahram.

All male pilgrims above 70 years of age may preferably be accompanied by an eligible male attendant/family member Further; disabled applicants are required to be accompanied by a male attendant to proceed for Hajj.

Such applicants who have been barred from travelling abroad by any court/placed on ECL are not entitled to proceed for Hajj 2018.

As per Saudi Taleemat, vaccination against meningitis and seasonal flu would be ensured before departure to KSA. Moreover, polio vaccination is also mandatory for all international passengers before their departure. The Ministry will make arrangements at the respective Haji camps.

No repeater of Hajj shall be allowed in the Government Hajj Scheme, and they may avail private scheme. This restriction will be for the last three years. This restriction will not apply to mehram of a lady. Haj-e-Badal can only be performed through Private Hajj scheme. In this regard, the repeater(s) including mehram will have to pay the additional taxes levied, if any, by the Saudi Authorities before their departure for Hajj.

In the event of a pilgrim’s demise during his/her stay in KSA, whether natural or accidental, he or she would be buried in Saudi Arabia as per Saudi Taleemat.

All the Hujjaj are required to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the host country during their stay in KSA.

It would be mandatory for every pilgrim to 2000 to meet personal expenditure in KSA

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