How to make your Donation to Syrian Crisis?


Syria is burning again. The Game of Throne among powerful groups – who believe in imposing their influence at any cost– is putting the life of hundreds and thousands at stake for their materialistic cause.


After a year of the war, still, peace is thousands of miles away from them. They become homeless and living well below the poverty line. They have no future at all, and even the United Nations is unable to settle down this matter fully.


Syrian refugees are struggling for their survival. They need your help, and they need it now, more than ever. Apart from few cruel groups, humanity is still there in the world. You can provide them shelter, food, and water for many homeless families in desperate need of all the basic need and support they can get.

Many NGOs, humanitarian and charity organisations are collecting funds for Syrian people. You can contribute to those most in need.

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There are many NGOs that are working for the survival of these homeless people. Some of them are international organisations, and some are local Pakistani welfare organisations. Following organisations are assisting the Syrian people:

  • Alkhidmat Foundation

How to Donate via UNHCR and UNICEF?

If you want to donate through UNHCR and UNICEF, then you can help provide shelter, food and water for many homeless families. You can make a one-time payment of donate each month as well. The donation through both organisations can range from $10 to $525. If you want to donate via these organisations, then move to this link https://donate.unhcr.org/int-en/syria.

How to Donate via Alkhidmat Foundation?

Alkhidmat Foundation in Pakistan is working for the welfare of Syrian people at large scale. The organisation has been offering continuous support and hopes to these vulnerable people since the date of Syrian Conflict. It needs more donations to provide food, water, medicine and shelter to these refugees.

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Hundreds and thousands of Syrians are forced to live in the refugee camps, and half of them are children. Alkhidmat Foundation is one of the largest contributors from Pakistan that is providing urgent aid to these refugees in need.

The donations to Alkhidmat Foundation for Syrian refugees can be made through bank accounts, online payment and even home collection system as well.

If you want to make an online donation to Alkhidmat Foundation, then move to this link http://al-khidmatfoundation.org/onlinedonation/ and made an online payment via Muslim Commercial Bank.

If you want to make donations through bank drafts, cheques and bank transfer then these are the details for that:

Note: All cheques, bank drafts and other bank payments must be payable to “Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan” and can be submitted at our nearest centre or can also be mailed at 711, Block J – 2, Johar Town, Lahore – Pakistan. Postcode/Zip code: 54000.

All these were the credible sources for donating to the Syrian crisis. However, the last one Alkhidmat Foundation is the best option to choose because it is local organisation and has a very simple process for donating.

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