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Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi pictures out for the first time

(Last Updated On: 14/05/2018)

The cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan is a celebrity since his cricketing days and the same charismatic personality have got him millions of followers in the political arena as well. Apart from the hundreds of perks of being loved this much all around by nation, the backlash is your personal life no more remains your personal; it turns out to be a national issue. The PTI chief who got married for the third time this year in February wasn’t pleased with people intervening that much in personal life. Most of the people were curious to know and see the wife of Khan, but the wedding photo which came out showed the bride Bushra Maneka completely covering her face with the veil.

The third wife of Imran Khan is said to be the spiritual leader of philanthropist before tying the knot with him earlier this year. Bushra Maneka aka Bushra Bibi has been since the pivotal personality in searches related to Imran Khan since the marriage and what fueled it, even more, was the news of her clash with PTI Chairman that even lead to her move out of Bani Gala.

Apart from all this, the latest photo surfacing around on the internet would be a joy for many of the IK fans as it is said to be the first photo of Bushra Bibi with Imran Khan that shows her without the face covering.  The netizens seem loving the photo of the couple where Imran Khan can himself be seen quite enthusiastic sitting along with his wife Bushra Mankea. On the other hand, PTI-fans third Bhabhi also known as Pinky Bhabhi (her nickname) is seen wearing a pink gown which has full covering except for her face and hands. It should be noted here that no official confirmation about the photo has yet been made.


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