Increase in Price of US Dollar against Pakistani Rupee

(Last Updated On: 10/10/2018)

A shocking increase in price of US Dollar against Pakistani rupee has made a huge impact on Pakistani economy. Yes the price of US dollar increased by a massive amount i.e. Rs. 12 rupee overnight and the new rate of US Dollar is 137 Rupee.
It was quite expected of what previous governments has done to the economy of this country taking loan on big interests making no use of those loans and burdening the people of Pakistan with loans.

In addition to it there is another opinion of experts on the current hike in the price of USD overnight is that its USA whose trying to teach a lesson to Pakistan as it has started currency war on Turkey a month back now it has turned its arrow towards Pakistan.

The currency war was imposed on Turkey a month or two back to which Turkish people responded in a great way they pulled back their Lira by selling the dollars against Lira and supported their economy.
Lets see how Pakistan government and its people react to this situation.

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